Legalization of documents

Starting from March 16, 2007, the Hague Convention on Apostille (from 5 October 1961) has entered into force for Moldova. From this day on, foreign official documents that are to be used in the Republic of Moldova can be accepted on the basis of a valid apostil. See below the contact details of relevant authorities:


Kingdom of Belgium




Documents issued in Belgium which are to be produced abroad must be legalised by the Legalisations Service of the federal Public Foreign Affairs Service in Brussels.


Documents issued by a Belgian municipal administration must be signed by the registrar (and not by the official delegated). Often this will be the burgomaster or a deputy burgomaster.


Translations of Belgian documents drawn up by a sworn translator in Belgium will be legalised by the president of the court of first instance to which the translator is answerable, and then by the Federal Justice public service, Chaussee de Waterloo, 115, 1000 Brussels.


The Legalisation Service of the fPFAS


Address: rue des Petits Carmes 27, 1000 Brussels (near the Porte de Namur)
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.
Tel.: 02/501 89 00
Fax: 02/501 37 90
E-mail: legalisation.ae@diplobel.fed.be

Cost: 10 euro per legalisation.


If you come to the counter in person with the documents, you must immediately pay the sum due. If you send your documents by mail, you must pay the amount into account n°: 679-2006056-96. If you are making a transfer from abroad, you must pay the amount into account n°: IBAN BE 65-6792 0060 5696.


Please quote on your transfer form: service legalisation c31.3 plus the name of the person quoted in the deed.


Kingdom of Netherlands




First you will need to have the document legalised by the Ministry of Justice, and then by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is possible in two ways:

  • Hand the document in to the ministry’s Legalisation Division. This can also be done by a family member or friend.
  • Send your documents by post.


Legalisation Division (DPV/DF) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Opening hours: working days Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 12.30.
Tel.: (+3170) 348 4787 / 348 5901
Fax: (+3170) 348 6675
E-mail: dpv-df@minbuza.nl


Legalisation costs 10 euro per document.






Passports, Visas and Legalisations Bureau of the MFA (Bureau des Passeports, Visas et Legalisations)


Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 09.00 - 11.30; 13.00 h - 16.30
Address: 43, bld. Roosevelt, L-2450 Luxembourg
Tel.: (+352) 478 - 8300






Ministry of Justice


Address: 82, 31 August, MD-2012, Chisinau